The Parmentier Center

The Parmentier center was born from the desire to bring together in one place different medical and paramedical specialties to meet the needs of women, children and the family. The center is located south of Brussels in Woluwé not far from Auderghem, Boistfort, Kraainem and Wezembeek. Our wish is to offer you a warm and welcoming place.

What is our vision at the Parmentier Center ?

We offer multidisciplinary and complementary care services. The patient has a complete and easy accompaniment that is accessible in one place.

This allows you to offer a holistic approach that integrates medical care, body and psychological support. We promote personalized service, quality of care, respect and well-being.

We focus our support around women, children and family. Well-being and personal development of patients is our priority. You will find all the facilities there.

The various specialists who accompany you in our center have a common approach. They want to work together to achieve positive synergy for all practitioners.

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What are the activities of the Parmentier center?

In addition to individual treatments, we offer group activities. We want to give women and couples the opportunity to come and share their experiences. Around different themes and supported by professionals in different fields we organize groups of words and workshops. The three major themes are: personal, professional development and parenthood.

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Grandjean Fréderic
Gynécologie obstétrique
0471 28 86 07
Castiaux Florence
0478 31 08 92

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