Health and well-being for women and families
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  • Complementary team
  • Warm places
  • Health and wellbeing
Centre médical et paramédical à Woluwé, sud de Bruxelles.

A multidisciplinary medical and paramedical center around women's and family's needs

What is the origin of the center Parmentier?

The new center Parmentier was born from the desire to bring together in one place different medical specialties and allied to the needs of women, children and the family. The center is located south of Brussels in Woluwe near Auderghem, Boistfort, Kraainem and Wezembeek. Originally the project, Dr. Frederic Grandjean, obstetrician and Florence Castiaux, Professional Coach have the desire to offer a warm and welcoming place. The house of character dating from 1913, was completely renovated in 2015 to bring you all the comfort and facilities.

Quels services offre le centre Parmentier ?

What services does the center Parmentier?

The various specialists who are with you in our center have a common approach. They wish to work together to reach a positive synergy for all practitioners. We are looking for motivated practitioners in our approach to our team. We provide them with refurbished cabinets in a pleasant and functional environment.

We organize workshops and groups of words around the woman and parenthood. These activities allow patients to find a place for listening and sharing.